I love PerformerTrack’s thoroughness and specificity in all aspects of tracking my acting business. I’m surprised by the impact of the reports in PerformerTrack and how they can guide me to better decisions about my career.
— Adela María Bolet
(Lead, 'Play the Papers for Lupe' - Play)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2016


From Auditions to Callbacks to Bookings... the Projects you go in for, the Contacts you meet, the Locations you go to... You enter in a LOT of information into PerformerTrack but what does it all mean?

PerformerTrack analyzes every fact, figure and detail you input and crunches the numbers to give you valuable statistics & trends unique to your career! 

Run your Stats in a variety of ways; between any Date Range, By Year or Quarterly Reports.

PerformerTrack's extensive reporting features allow you to  discover what is, and what is not, working in your career pursuits so you can try to make better informed decisions in order to maximize your potential and increase your success rates!

9 Reports to Run, Learn & Grow From

1. "Direct Booking Contact Overview" Report

"Direct Booking Contacts" are exceptional leads to stay in touch with as they may lead to more Direct Bookings in the future.

Run this report to see who you may want to reach out to when times are "slow" to possibly stir up more activity.

2. "Locations Overview" Report

This report runs the numbers on what the Locations are of the projects you Auditioned for, Booked and Directly Booked.

Are their specific Audition Locations that you tend to get more Callbacks or Bookings at than others? If so, why?

3. "Materials Overview" Report

This is a report that delves into the success of your marketing materials.

Which headshots are working at getting you in the door for projects and which ones aren't? Also, find out what your Headshot Success Rates are! Is it time to get new pics?

4. "Projects Overview" Report

A quick look at the numbers regarding the amount of Projects you Auditioned for, the number of Audition Rounds you have gone out on, your total Bookings & Direct Bookings, and the all-important Callback and Booking Success Rates.

Running this report quarterly is a great way to assess the overall health of your career. Are your numbers going up or declining? 

5. "Project Types Overview" Report

This report is a full breakdown of all the Project Types (i.e. - Film, Television, Theatre, etc.) that you have Auditioned for, got Callbacks for & ultimately Booked! Also, retrieve your Project Type success rates!

Are you going out for the Types of Projects you desire? Are you Auditioning for more Student Films than Feature Films? Are you Auditioning for more Buy-Out Commercials or Network Nationals?

6. "Role Types Overview" Report

This Breakdown contains the complete story of all the Role Types (i.e. - Lead, Supporting, Co-Star, Guest Star, Featured, etc.)  that you have Auditioned/Interviewed for, Booked and Directly Booked! 

Are you going out for the Types of Roles that are in alignment with where you are in your career right now? Is it time to talk to your Reps about the level of the Roles they are submitting you for?

7. "Submittal Source: Via My Reps" Report

Find out with this report which Agents and/or Managers are truly working for you. 

How many Auditions have they gotten you into? Are they getting you out enough? What level of Project Types are they getting you into With this report you'll know all about what your Reps  are doing for you. Is it time to take a meeting with them... or seek new representation?

8. "Submittal Source: Via Resource" Report

Finally, know first-hand if your Submission Resources are truly working!

Are the online click-n-submit services you pay for paying off? Do the Casting Director Workshops you attend result in Audition opportunities? Are there any Direct Contacts and Referrals you should say a special thank you to?

9. "Union Overview" Report

This report runs the numbers on what the Union Affiliations are of the projects you Auditioned for, Booked and Directly Booked.

Or, do you find that you are you primarily going out for Non-Union projects?