With PerformerTrack
Easily Log, Track & Manage All of Your

Auditions. Callbacks. Bookings. Classes. Workshops. Contacts. Cast & Crew. Income. Expenses.

I love how organized I can be with Performer Track, especially with my contacts! I’ve finally found an awesome way to keep track of all my business connections. I also really like to be able to track my auditions and easily search where they were or who I met.
— Ellie Araiza
(Recurring Role, 'Legion' - TV - FX)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2016

Every Audition You Do, 
Every Callback You Get,
Has Meaning.


Quickly & easily log all of your
Audition and Callback details;
Casting Directors, Locations, Wardrobe, and more...


From Pre-Production
Through Post-Production
We've Got You Covered.

Dynamically log & track every Booking you get;
Production Appointments, Cast & Crew, Invoices and more...


At Auditions, 
While On-Set, or at Workshops,
You Network.

Turn every Contact you meet into a Connection;
create Target Lists, utilize built-in research tools (IMDb, Google, YouTube),
set-up Appointments, view Contact Notes, History and more...


From Classes, 
to Auditions, to Call Times, 
Your Career is in the Calendar.

Let's face it... appointments are the focal point of a performer's business. Having your project appointments from "1st Audition" to "Wrap Party" auto-linked to your PerformerTrack Calendar is a true time saver. Better yet, with PerformerTrack's iCal Feed having your appointments auto-sync with the calendar of your choice (i.e. - Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Yahoo Calendar, etc.) is just downright amazing!



Easily track all the Income you receive;
from Contract Rates to Residual Checks to Door Fees and more...
(oh, hey parents, you can track Coogan/ChildTrust deposits as well!)


What You Spend is an Investment in You.
Track It.


Getting your performer-related Expenses in order is a snap;
built-in tax-deductible Expense categories,
mileage expenses are auto-calculated, print & export amazing expense reports, so much more!


What's Your Callback Rate?


PerformerTrack is constantly chewing on your data
to give you stats that matter;
Callback Rates, Booking Rates, Agent/Manager Success Rates, and more...