Did You...?

Did you pay for some other app or tool that claimed to keep your performing career organized but not until only after you purchased it you realized it was clunky, poorly designed, and not user-friendly? 

Well, you aren't alone. Due to our overwhelming success and popularity within the performing community it is unfortunate that knock-offs and cheap imitations have surfaced. Do not be fooled! Many performers like you have reached-out to us, frustrated by other products they bought that have left their minds puzzled and their careers still unorganized!

If you are one of these unfortunate performers we want to help!

Get $30 Credit!

Simply fill-out this form and we will "Buy-Back" your unsatisfying career organizational tool by giving you $30 USD credit applied towards your 1st Year Membership of PerformerTrack. This is just another way we give back to the community of our fellow performers we so care about!

Those That Switched to PerformerTrack
& Their Buy-Back Buzz...

(The other program) was hard to sync with my computer. Their tech support was non-existent. They always sent me e-mails saying new updates were on the way, which never happened. The one guy, Chris, who ran the company actually tried to be my buddy, saying ‘buddies don’t get upset with each other... blah, blah blah’.
— Kyle Isao

(That other program) would crash and was not very user friendly.
— Jeremy Leroux

CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-existent (with that other service). It takes months to get a response. (That other program) is clunky and hard to navigate.
— Ashley Covington, Virginia

Glad to have found PerformerTrack... The (other program’s) Customer Service was DREADFUL. The ONE customer service guy, Chris, would NOT get back to you via email for WEEKS at a time. No one to actually TALK with, etc.
— Mary Mahoney, Ohio

That (other program) was clumsy to use, hard to plan ahead for follow-ups because they don’t show on the calendar... and tons of other things that I now know that PerformerTrack can do!!! I have been amazed by what you have to offer and amazed at the personalized service and feel as though I’m getting a great ally in my corner by making this switch.
— Jef Canter, Tallahassee, FL

With (that other program) entering information does not allow for projects only auditions. It seems geared for film and commercial work with poor backup for theatre. Also no ability to track projects through development to final production.
— Angus Hepburn, New York, NY

“I HATE IT!! With (the other program) I didn’t like anything!! Not intuitive, too cumbersome, not able to track what I want. I am very happy with PerformerTrack! :)
— Tonya Foster, Richmond, CA