Love PerformerTrack. Especially around tax time. I can print a report and provide it to my CPA easy-peasy!
— Robert Keniston
(Principle, World's Best Cat Litter - National Commercial)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2009


Along with being an active performer come inevitable business expenses. Depending on your location these business-related expenses could be tax deductible!

Track your typical expenses like "Business Meals""Coaching Lessons", "Workshops", etc.

Also track your project expenses linked to auditions & bookings such as "Parking", "Mileage", "Bus Fare", etc.

You can run detailed Expense Reports that will make tax prep a cinch!

Key Features:

Expenses Section

✔ Records & calculates your business-related expenses.

✔ You can enter your expenses completely out of sequence... because PerformerTrack will automatically place your expenses in chronological order!

✔ Over 30 "Expense Type" categories to select from (i.e. - "Advertising & Publicity", "Equipment Purchase", "Studio/Business/Property Rental", "Supplies For Research", etc.).

✔ Categorize expenses by "Payment Method" (i.e. - Cash, Check, "Visa 5563", etc.).

✔ Mileage cost automatically calculated based on the current Mileage Rates!

✔ Easily sort your expenses by "Date", "Expense Type", "Expense Details", "Amount" or by "Payment Method".

✔ Detailed printable Expense Reports.

✔ Easily export your expenses as a CSV File so that you can use your Expense information in any way you want or need to!