Keeping track of audition opportunities with PerformerTrack helps actors get one step closer to having more control over their careers.
— Anthony M. Bertram
(Co-Star, Rizzoli & Isles - TNT)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2014

Key Features:

Overview Screen

✔ Individual forms for each Audition, Callback or Interview

✔ At-a-glance view of ALL of your AuditionsCallbacks, Interviews and Bookings

✔ Simple one-click access to view/edit each Audition, Callback and Interview

✔ Create unlimited Auditions, Callbacks and Interviews

Audition, Callback & Interview Form

The easy-to-view layout with drop down menus and pop-up calendars make for rapid logging!

Details Tracked:

✔ Project Type (i.e. - Commercial, Comedy, Dance,  Internet, Modeling, Music, Film, Theatre, TV, Voice Over, etc.)

Appointment Date & Time

Appointment  Location

✔ Appointment  Contacts (i.e. - Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, Writers, etc.)

✔ Prep Materials Used (i.e. - Sides, Monologue, Song, etc.)

Role Type (i.e - Lead, Co-Star, Guest Star, Under 5, etc.)

Appointment Expenses (i.e. - ParkingMileage, Fares, Coaching Lessons, Props, etc.)

 Union Status of the Project (i.e. - SAG-AFTRA, AEA, ACTRA, BAEA, WGA, Non-Union, etc.)

 Project Pay Rate

 Submittal Source: Did you get the appointment through a Rep (Agent, Manager, Booker, etc.) or through a Resource (click-n-submit service, workshop, direct contact, etc.)? 

 Headshot Submitted (upload your headshots)

 Wardrobe (track what you wear - even upload a picture of yourself in the outfit)

 Who you met with & Appointment Notes

 Follow-Up Scheduler