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My mom loves being able to keep track of my auditions, business contacts, expenses and payments all in one place.
— Jessica Mikayla Adams
(Co-Star, 'Alex, Inc.' - ABC)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2017

“Reason #125 I love @PerformerTrack: At the end of the year (or beginning of the new year) I can see EXACTLY how things went - and where I can improve things. It’s worth the subscription, #actors!
— Harold Phillips
(The Falls, Grimm, Leverage)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2008

PerformerTrack is easy to use,
I track all of my auditions and bookings effortlessly.
Also PerformerTrack has amazing support any time I have a question.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PerformerTrack!
— Sandra Marshall
(Principal, 'DirecTV' - National Commercial)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2008

I love how organized I can be with Performer Track, especially with my contacts! I’ve finally found an awesome way to keep track of all my business connections. I also really like to be able to track my auditions and easily search where they were or who I met.
— Ellie Araiza
(Recurring Role, 'Legion' - FX)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2016

PerformerTrack is simply the best tool any actor can ever have to run and chart their career. Great for taxes and great for relationship building. It’s YOUR BIBLE for ALL that we do.
— Jimmy Palumbo
(Guest Star Role, 'Sneaky Pete' - Amazon Prime)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2012

With PerformerTrack I can keep track of my income and expenses on directing gigs, as well as acting and voice overs! Love wearing those multiple hats!
— Adela María Bolet
(Director, 'Livin' The Dream' - Play)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2016

With PerformerTrack I love being able to literally track everything that has to do with my auditions and bookings! This definitely takes the working artist to the next level.
— Nicole Lovince
(Host, 'Kia All-Star Ride' - Gameshow - Internet)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2017

PerformerTrack sets you up to have a stronger handle on your acting career.
— Anthony Bertram
(Guest Star, 'Law & Order: SVU' - NBC)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2014

What I find most attractive about PerformerTrack is the ability to gather all the info of a project—from contacts and locations and dates to expenses, etc—all in one place. Sure makes organizing all your tax info much simpler!
— Max Bogner
(Lead, 'By Night' - TV)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2015

With PerformerTrack I love that you can keep track of every detail of the project for which you are auditioning.
— Kenneth Ritter
(Lead, 'Copycat Killers' - REELZ)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2016

I just created the direct booking for ‘Exile Is My Home’. I like that I can keep track of my expenses for this project. I can see how important and valuable this feature will be for next tax season.
— Vivienne Jurdo
(Featured, 'Exile Is My Home' - Play)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2016

I’ve been using PerformerTrack essentially since I got to LA, and have tracked nearly 500 auditions. An essential tool for every serious performer.
— Ben Whitehair
(Guest Star, 'Night Shift' - NBC)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2009

I love PerformerTrack’s thoroughness and specificity in all aspects of tracking my acting business. I’m surprised by the impact of the reports in PerformerTrack and how they can guide me to better decisions about my career.
— Adela María Bolet
(Lead, 'Play the Papers for Lupe' - Play)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2016

I just booked a commercial for Nebraska’s NP Dodge. I’m a new user and I am still learning all of the functions. But, I’m loving how I can track my auditions, etc. Can’t wait to keep learning.
— Anita Cordell
(Principal Role, 'NP Dodge Real Estate' - Regional Commercial)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2016

With PerformerTrack
much lies below the surface!
It’s a well-integrated array of tools for the performer!
— Max Bogner
(Co-Star, 'Seasons' - Internet)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2015

I booked Hawaii Five-0 shortly after getting started with PerformerTrack and I’m grateful to have one place I can check everything from shoot and ADR dates to earnings (which will really help come tax time).
— Danielle Rayne
(Co-Star, 'Hawaii Five-O' - CBS)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2015

PerformerTrack allows me to keep track of my expenses for this project (‘The Rejects’), and my auditions for others!
— Louis Tomeo
(Lead, 'The Rejects' - Feature Film)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2011

I love the ‘Know Before You Go’ buttons in PerformerTrack’s contacts section. The use of them along with the built-in Google Alert buttons is simply brilliant! It’s great to be able to search my contacts based on occupation or skill set.
— Eleen Hsu
(Lead, 'Ghosts in the House' - Stage Play)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2015

I really like PerformerTrack’s calendar section. It really helps me keep organized.
— Humberto Meza
(Played a Paparazzi in Selena Gomez's Music Video 'Same Old Love')
PerformerTrack Member Since 2012

PerformerTrack organizes everything for me and my Representation. I know how many times I have been in for CD’s and what types of projects they do. I know who sees me and for what type of roles. PerformerTrack makes it easy for me and for my Reps.
— Hilary Greer
(Comedian, 'Help Yourself' - TV)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2011

PerformerTrack is a great way to keep my career info organized!
— Amber Friendly
(Co-Star, 'Children's Hospital' -
Adult Swim)

PerformerTrack Member Since 2015

I had to keep better track of all my acting records and PerformerTrack was the answer!
— Gary Ray Moore
(Co-Star, 'House of Cards' - Netflix)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2013

PerformerTrack keeps track of the biz so I can focus on the show.
— Katherine Norland
(Guest Star, 'Whitey' - Web Series)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2008

PerformerTrack is a God send! It helps me keep track of my contacts & appointments so I can focus all of my energy on my auditions.
— Morgan Snyder
(Supporting, 'Seattle Road' - Film)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2013

Keeping track of audition opportunities with PerformerTrack helps actors get one step closer to having more control over their careers.
— Anthony M. Bertram
(Co-Star, 'Rizzoli & Isles' - TNT)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2014

Once again PerformerTrack will help us keep up with Louis’ busy shooting schedule, not only for this project but others as well!
— Louis Tomeo's Parents
(Star, 'Every Witch Way' - Nickelodeon)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2011

PerformerTrack is the ONLY tool that could handle ALL of my acting income, expenses, auditions, bookings and everything else
I never knew I needed!
— Ricky Ryba
(Supporting, 'American Sniper' - Film)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2012

I like that PerformerTrack keeps me organized. There’s so much to remember and it’s so important to keep track of everything that happens and everyone you meet.
— Shannon Carson
(Principal, 'MetLife' - National Commercial)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2014

Love PerformerTrack. Especially around tax time. I can print a report and provide it to my CPA easy-peasy!
— Robert Keniston
(Principle, 'World's Best Cat Litter' - National Commercial)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2009

The reports in PerformerTrack are spectacular for my business, and it allows me to track my progress in this Industry.
— Ben Whitehair
(Co-Star, 'Nashville' - NBC)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2009

PerformerTrack searched through all my photographer connections so I could invite them to cover the red carpet. Another great way to maintain connections. I’ve also been able to use PerformerTrack to help me keep in touch and updated on the other comedians who I hope to reconnect with on another show. I’ve already got my 1 month follow-ups scheduled. The evening was fantastic as the Main Room was packed and guest were full of excitement to see a great line-up of comics.
— Kristina Hughes
(Comedian, Stand-Up Comedy -
Ice House Comedy Club, Main Stage)

PerformerTrack Member Since 2008

The support from your team has given us the edge, absolutely. And the accounting after the fact will be so much easier with PerformerTrack!
— Sofia Rosinsky
(Lead, 'The Other Side of the Door' - Film)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2013

PerformerTrack helps me stay organized
in this crazy business.
— Blair Godshall
(Ensemble, 'Beauty and the Beast Jr.' - Theatre)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2013

I love keeping track of every aspect possible when it comes to my career. PerformerTrack tells me how I’m doing and I can make projections for the future based of the collect data from the past.
— Erick Chavarria
(Supporting, 'Get Hard' - Feature Film)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2009

“With PerformerTrack I like having a place
that is specific to my needs as a
Performer to keep track of work.
— Cheryl Francis Harrington
(Lead, 'Wedding Band' - Theatre)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2008

PerformerTrack is the most incredible program for actors ever. It has changed the way I audition... and how I book roles.
— Alexis Rosinsky
(Lead, 'Where Is She Now?' - Theatre)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2013

PerformerTrack is easy to access from any computer!
— Emma Cilley
(Supporting, 'I Killed My BFF' -
Lifetime Television)

PerformerTrack Member Since 2013