PerformerTrack is a God send! It helps me keep track of my contacts & appointments so I can focus all of my energy on my auditions.
— Morgan Snyder
(Supporting, Seattle Road - Film)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2013

Key Features:

Overview Screen

✔ Convenient view of all your Contacts in one location.

✔ Easily search contacts by Contact Type.

✔ Quickly sort contacts by First NameLast NameCompany or Primary E-Mail Address.

✔ Simple one-click access to view/edit each Contact's Details.

✔ Create unlimited Contacts with ease!

✔ Have multiple Contacts at one company? Use the "Copy Contact" feature to quickly get them all into your PerformerTrack account!

✔ Easily export your Contacts by Type and by targeted lists so you can print labels, mail merge, create e-mail lists, etc.

Contact Details

✔ Categorize each Contact by the "Type (Primary)" drop down menu (i.e. - Agent, Boom Operator, Casting Director, Studio, etc.)

✔ Further categorize your Contacts by "Type (Secondary)"; a drop down list that you create (i.e. - Target Lists, Groups, etc.)

✔ Use the built-in search links for IMDbGoogle, IBDb (Internet Broadway Database) & YouTube to research your Contacts.

✔ Store up to three addresses per Contact"Home""Work" and "Other".

✔ Quick-link to Google Maps for Contact addresses (Driving Directions, Walking Directions, Subway Directions, etc.).

✔ Store multiple E-Mail Addresses, Web Sites, Social Sites and more!

Birthday & Anniversary Dates are automatically entered into the Calendar Section to remind you every year when those dates are approaching!

✔ The "Add Notes" area allows you to enter UNLIMITED Notes for the Contact.

✔ Add UNLIMITED Appointments which are auto-linked to the "Contact History" and are immediately scheduled to the Calendar Section.

✔ "Contact History" reveals every Note, every interaction (such as in Auditions, Bookings, Cast & Crew, etc.) as well as general appointments (i.e. - phone calls, submissions, follow-ups, e-mails, etc.) you have logged with the Contact.