The best tool I have EVER seen for keeping track of the crucial information you need to run your acting career like a business is PerformerTrack.
— Wendy Alane Wright, Talent Manager (Hollywood, CA)

Our friends at Holdon Log actually have an online tool called PerformerTrack that does your audition tracking and your audition quantification all in one place, online. It’s a great way to look at what your bookings are, your callback ratios, track everything that you wore - and it puts it all in one place for you. We highly recommend - it’s a really great tool.
— Jodie Bentley, Co-Founder, Accelerated Artist

When I heard about the service that PerformerTrack offers, I signed up for it myself, because I saw quickly that even if I use only part of the service, it will more than pay for itself during the course of the year.
— Matthew Arkin,
Award-Winning Actor & Professional Acting Coach, The Matthew Arkin Studio

This is an invaluable tool for actors. Here you can log and track your auditions, keep track of your tax deductible expenses, and view reports to see where you stand. Well worth the annual fee, especially when it comes to itemizing your tax deductions to get the biggest refund.
— Beverly Hills Playhouse (

I am just in love with PerformerTrack! It has helped me so much as an agent, even though it is designed for talent.

I can’t wait to get my voiceover talent on board so that they can experience less stress in their lives.

This is the best organizational tool I have seen for talent in my 30 years as an agent.
— Donna Summers, Agent & Owner

An actor’s career is their business. The business side should be treated just as professionally as the art of acting. PerformerTrack is simple, effective and proven. I highly recommend it to my students and know beyond a doubt it works because I use it myself!!!
— Alex Taylor, Instructor & Owner
The Taylor School of Acting

PerformerTrack is in a league of its own when it comes to providing value and service for actors. Not only do they go the extra mile, we sometimes wonder if they invented it!
— Robert & Michelle Colt, Owners

The crew at Holdon Log provides awesome kid-oriented webware (PerformerTrack) and planner books (Young Actor’s Holdon Log) to help you manage your child’s career and track their Coogan accounts too!

We at BizParentz assisted with PerformerTrack’s ‘ChildTrust Tracker’ design and we are really excited about it! 

Make this the year you get organized!
— BizParentz Foundation

“I’ve been helping actors guide their careers and reach their goals for nearly 30 years and I can honestly say that I have never encountered a more practical tool for career management and innovation than Holdon Log’s PerformerTrack.”
— Sam Christensen, Owner
Sam Christensen Studios

Many of my clients have told me that PerformerTrack is an easy and efficient way to track all aspects of their acting career.

One aspect of PerformerTrack I know works well is the ability to keep good tax records. Using PerformerTrack to tally business deductions inevitably improves the efficiency and completeness of an actor’s taxes.
— David Rogers, President

PerformerTrack helps actors keep track of all aspects of their professional lives, it’s one of the most comprehensive of online apps I’ve encountered.

With this program you can track everyone you’ve ever interacted with — whether a major casting director or the 2nd assistant director you met on a commercial shoot — chart your history of submissions, auditions, and bookings, and record your tax-deductible business expenses.

In other words, in addition to providing the basic necessities of an audition log and calendar, the application connects all areas of your acting life so you can better manage your career... the usefulness of being able to analyze your history in detail can’t be underestimated.
— Backstage
Article By Paul Harber

If you don’t run yourself like a business you will run yourself out of business, that why I highly recommend PerformerTrack!

No other career tool comes close to what PerformerTrack does! The level of detail and amount of in-depth information you will receive that is unique to you and your career path is breathtaking!

I can’t stress enough that PerformerTrack is so vital to a Performer’s career that if you don’t use it you are at a severe disadvantage from those that do.
— Stuart Stone, CCDA Casting Director
Stone Casting

From now on you are responsible for overseeing your professional expenditures. The job can be made easy with PerformerTrack, career management webware for actors that is available at For a nominal annual fee, this user-friendly program helps you keep track of all appointments, audition-callback-booking details, income and expenses, and contacts.
— "How To Be A Working Actor"
(from the chapter "Your Home Office")
by Mari Lyn Henry & Lynne Rogers

As you can see from the paperwork involved in beginning your job search, it is important for you to keep a file of all the people you try to see...To lighten the load, you might want to consider PerformerTrack, a comprehensive record-keeping program created by two working actors, Kristina Hughes and Brian Vermeire, that allows the actor to keep daily records of everything, from appointments and submissions to income and expenses, reports on meetings, mailings, what you sent to whom, callback reminders, and more. You can visit their Web site at
— "How To Be A Working Actor"
(from the chapter "Keeping Records")
by Mari Lyn Henry & Lynne Rogers