PerformerTrack is simply the best tool any actor can ever have to run and chart their career. Great for taxes and great for relationship building. It’s YOUR BIBLE for ALL that we do.
— Jimmy Palumbo
(Guest Star Role, 'Sneaky Pete' - TV - Amazon Prime)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2012

Key Features:

Income Screen

✔ Records & calculates your Career-related Income.

✔ Quick access to any Project’s Income via a drop down menu.

✔ Over 20 "Income Type" categories to select from (i.e - "Appearance Fee", "Buy-Out", "Looping/ADR Fee", "Residual", etc.)

✔ Associate payments to Entertainment Industry "Unions" from around the world (i.e. - "SAG-AFTRA", "ACTRA", "BAEA", etc.). Quickly determine how much money has been earned toward qualifying for Union health & pension funds!

✔ Categorize payments by "Payment Method" (i.e. - Cash, Check, Direct Deposit, etc.).

✔ Attribute each payment to the proper "Market/Run" (i.e. - Cable, Pay TV, Foreign TV Reuse, Video, etc.).

✔ Enter the amount (Gross & Net) and the "Payroll Company". Payroll Companies are auto-linked to the Contacts Section, thus Payments are auto-linked in the Payroll Company's "History"!

✔ Easily sort your income by "Date""Income Type""Market/Run""Union", or by "Gross Amount".

✔ Detailed Income Reports

✔ Easily export your Income Reports as a CSV File so that you can use your Income information in any way you want or need to!

ChildTrust Tracker (Feature Highlight)

The support from your team has given us the edge, absolutely. And the accounting is so much easier with PerformerTrack!
— The Parents of Sofia Rosinsky
(Lead, The Other Side of the Door - Feature Film)
PerformerTrack Member Since 2013


Parents who utilize PerformerTrack to manage their child's performing career are going to truly appreciate the power of ChildTrust Tracker!

Until now, it has been a daunting task for parents to keep track of whether the "Child Trust Account" or "Coogan Account" funds were deposited by the studios/production companies. 

With the help and guidance of BizParentz.org we were able to formulate the proper tracking system to easily keep your child's required "Child Trust Account" or "Coogan Account" in check!


✔ Select 0%15% or 30% and ChildTrust Tracker will tell you how much of your child's Gross Amount should be placed in the "Child Trust" or "Coogan" account.

 Select the current deposit status through the "Deposited in Trust Account" drop down menu.

 No more forgetting! ChildTrust Tracker will auto-schedule an alert in your Calendar to remind you to "Review the Deposit Status"!

 Where your child's "Coogan" or "Child Trust" income is "Deposited In" auto-links in that Company's "History" in the Contacts section.

 Detailed Printable ChildTrust Reports

 Easily Export & Download your ChildTrust information as a CSV File so that you can use it any way you want or need to!

PerformerTrust Tracker (Feature Highlight)


Sure you have bills to pay... but when you earn money how about sticking just a little bit away and investing it in a high-yield fund, into a savings account, or perhaps taking a piece of the profit and putting it towards something you really want or need?

PerformerTrust Tracker will allow you to do just that!


✔ Select anywhere from 2.5% to 20% and PerformerTrust Tracker will tell you how much of your Net Amount you should invest!

✔ Where your money is "Deposited In" auto-links in that Company's "History" in the Contacts section.

✔ Detailed Printable PerformerTrust Reports

✔ Easily Export & Download your PerformerTrust information as a CSV File so that you can use it any way you want or need to!