What is PerformerTrack?

With PerformerTrack you can finally treat your Performing career as it should... like a business - NOT a hobby! PerformerTrack is the absolute BEST tool to assist you with running every single aspect of your performing career brilliantly. With PerformerTrack you can easily log, track & manage all of your auditions, callbacks, bookings, income, expenses, contacts, appointments, classes, workshops and more. All in one spot!

By the way, PerformerTrack ties all of your unique career information together and then breaks it down into easy-to-understand statistical reports! Finally, you can discover what IS, or what is NOT, working for you and your career. Get rid of wasted time, energy and money on the things that are not advancing your career, and ONLY build upon your successes.

Run a performing business - NOT a hobby! Now you can with PerformerTrack. Click here to learn more about PerformerTrack's many features.

Does PerformerTrack work on Mac and PC?

YES! PerformerTrack is an online-based application. That means you can access it on a Mac, on a PC, and any internet connected device like an iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.! PerformerTrack is also compatible with any Internet Browser like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

Is my PerformerTrack membership a tax-deducible expense?

In most cases, YES!!! Performing is your business and PerformerTrack is a tool that you use to conduct the daily operations of your business. Depending on the tax laws in your area you may be able to deduct the entire subscription cost of PerformerTrack! We suggest contacting a licensed tax attorney, C.P.A. and/or federal tax guide to verify.

Do I have to commit for a certain period of time?

Absolutely not. It's up to you if you would like to pay month-to-month, every 6-months or yearly. You can cancel the auto-renew property on your account at any time. Click here to learn more about our Pricing.

Can I switch membership plans after I join?

YES! You can switch to whatever PerformerTrack membership plan you like prior to your current membership plan renewing. Click here to learn more about our Pricing.

If I stop using PerformerTrack, can I get my data?

We hope to have you as a PerformerTrack Member before and during your successful years as a performer. However, if you do leave our service you can take comfort in knowing you can export your Contacts, your Income and your Expenses! The exported files are CSV (Comma Separated Value) files. A CSV file is a universal data file that you can do just about anything with, including open in spreadsheets or import into other programs.

Oh, by the way, most other areas in PerformerTrack are fully printable as well!

What security measures are put in place?

We have gone through great measures to make sure your data is for your eyes ONLY. With PerformerTrack, maintaining your CONFIDENTIALITY & PRIVACY is our top priority!

The backbone of our company is based on OUR INTEGRITY and TRUSTWORTHINESS – without that we have no business.

Internally, NO staff member of Holdon Log (the parent company of PerformerTrack), nor its owners, have a way to access your information. Zero. Zilch. Nada. The only way any member of Holdon Log can access your data is through PerformerTrack’s lead programmers, who contractually, have NO way to access your data unless through expressed WRITTEN consent, ALONG WITH VERBAL CONFIRMATION, from the founders of Holdon Log. This REQUIRED double-permission measure that has been put in place is a built-in safety net with a paper trail.

PerformerTrack's secure, dedicated, redundant servers are fully managed 24/7 at a 'Tier 4' data center ('Tier 4' is the highest ranking available to data centers based on strict standards established by the leading authority in hosting facilities, The Uptime Institute). This data center is the only type in the region that was designed and built by top architects, engineers and consultants to reach four tiers of safety, security, cooling, and power redundancy. In fact, your information is housed in the very same facility that major area hospitals also store their client information (that means the Data Center is HIPPA compliant – UPHOLDING TO VERY STRICT AND SECURE PRIVACY STANDARDS).

When you login to your PerformerTrack account there is the “s” after the “http” in the address bar of your browser. That “https” signifies that the PerformerTrack application is housed on secure servers!

“Https” connections do two things: they encrypt your data so that it is nearly impossible to sniff, and they provide an opportunity for your browser to validate that the Web site is who you think it is (that you are indeed on PerformerTrack).

Encryption is important because only you and our remote servers can understand the data you enter into PerformerTrack. Anyone in between ... say someone who's monitoring the information going to and from your computer ... sees only gibberish. It's an important way to keep your private data out of the hands of hackers and thieves.

PerformerTrack's 256-bit SSL Encryption provides an extra layer of protection for our users. This protection can help defend against login and password theft, which is particularly common in today's wireless society. The secondary benefit of 256-Bit SSL Encryption is to help overcome speed issues related to ISP throttling and bottlenecks. Most ISPs do not want to throttle or bottleneck 256-Bit SSL Encrypted data because this kind of data is routinely used to send sensitive data (financial information, logins, passwords, credit card info, etc).

By the way, to give you an idea how big 256 bits is, it’s roughly equal to the number of atoms in the universe! For top secret classified data that needs to remain secret for the next 100 years, the Government uses 256-bit encryption... and so does PerformerTrack!

Can I enter my previous career information? How far back can I go?

Yes! You can enter your previous career information into PerformerTrack from weeks, months or even years ago! In fact, we have many ambitious members who have culled together previous years of receipts, hand-written audition notes and old booked project information and plugged them into their PerformerTrack accounts. It's a snap!

Can I sync PerformerTrack’s Calendar with my external Calendar?

Yes! PerformerTrack’s Calendar has an “iCal Feed” link that you can use to subscribe it to any calendar app – like Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook, iPhone/iPad Calendar and MORE! Any updates you make to your PerformerTrack calendar will be automatically updated in any other calendar app!

What kind of tech support do you give your members?

Support is always 100% FREE! Our response time is QUICK! Should you ever have a question that our built-in User Guide or Animated Tutorials don't answer you can easily contact us through our Tech Support area within your PerformerTrack account. We will swiftly answer your questions via e-mail, phone or Skype! It's that easy!

Is PerformerTrack just for U.S.-based performers?

Absolutely not! PerformerTrack is NOT a U.S.-centric product. PerformerTrack is utilized by Performers all over the world (in the UK, France, Brazil, Australia, Japan and of course, Canada! And all points in between!).

What can I export out of PerformerTrack?

You can export your Contacts, your Income and your Expenses! The exported files are CSV (Comma Separated Value) files. A CSV file is a universal data file that you can do just about anything with, including open in spreadsheets or import into other programs.

Oh, by the way, most other areas in PerformerTrack are fully printable as well!

How can I add a PerformerTrack icon on my iPhone / iPad Home Screen?

With the iPhone / iPad you can create a Web clip icon to add to your Home Screen giving you one-tap access to your PerformerTrack account!

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How can I add a PerformerTrack icon on my Android device's Home Screen?

With any Android Device you can create a Bookmark Icon to add to your Home Screen giving you one-tap access to your PerformerTrack account!

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Can I gift a PerfomerTrack Membership?

Absolutely! PerformerTrack makes a fantastic gift for any performer you know! Not only is it a practical gift, but it lets them know that you truly care about their career. PerformerTrack means "taking the business seriously".

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Can I get a bulk discount on PerfomerTrack Memberships for my Agency, Management Company or Organization?

YES! We have many groups like yours that have their performing clients all working with PerformerTrack. It simply makes sense to have everyone working off the same platform and to frequently have meetings to look over Career Stats to make sure that clients are going out for the right Project Types & Roles, to go over Callback & Booking Ratios looking for way to improve their success rates and so much more! PerformerTrack takes the mystery out of it all and brings the "business" of show business front and center.
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