A Manager's Letter To His Roster of Talent

Hi --------------:

I almost NEVER endorse a product/service --- but I feel more than compelled to right now. A couple of performers on our roster brought it to my attention and I was amazed.

There is an online application I would recommend you immediately start using and applying to your performing career every day. It is called PerformerTrack (www.PerformerTrack.com).

I recently had an opportunity to get a walk-through demonstration of this application and was blown away. As you know, I am all about you running your performing career like a business and PerformerTrack does just that. It allows you to plug-in all of your Audition/Callback Details (who you met, what you wore, how you felt in the room, etc.), all of your Booking Info (from Pre-Production through Post-Production Meetings, Cast & Crew, etc.), your Expenses (Mileage, Coaching Fees, Headshot Sessions, etc.), your Project Income, Appointments, Contacts and so much, much more. It’s incredible.

The best part of PerformerTrack is that it takes all of the information you enter into it and gives you stats on your career over a variety of reports (like your 'Callback Rate', 'Booking Rate', 'Project Types You Audition for Most Often'… even success reports on the 'Locations You Audition At').

Using PerformerTrack will not only signal to me that you are running a smart performing business… but will no doubt allow us to better communicate about your progress when we periodically meet with one another.


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Seeing is Believing...

Request a Demo / Walk-Through to see the impact PerformerTrack can have on your roster of talent.