Auto-Sync Your
PerformerTrack Appointments to
Google Calendar. Apple iCal. Outlook Calendar. iPhone Calendar. iPad Calendar. Yahoo Calendar. Any Calendar App of Choice!

I love PerformerTrack’s calendar section. It really helps me keep organized.
— Humberto Meza
(Played a Paparazzi in Selena Gomez's Music Video 'Same Old Love')
PerformerTrack Member Since 2012

Key Features:

Calendar Overview Screen

All appointments scheduled throughout PerformerTrack like Auditions, Callbacks, Call Times, Recording Sessions, Film Festivals, Wrap Parties, etc., automatically get posted to your PerformerTrack Calendar.

✔ Add UNLIMITED Appointments in PerformerTrack's Calendar.

✔ View all appointments at a Month-at-a-Glance or at a Day-at-a-Glance.

PerformerTrack iCal Feed so that you can sync your PerformerTrack appointments to any calendar app like Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Apple iCal, iPhone/iPad Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc.

✔ Simple one-click access to view/edit each Appointment's Details.

Appointment Details

✔ Quickly select the Appointment Type from a drop down list (i.e - Air-Date, Class, Drop-Off, Follow-Up, Workshop, Writing Session , etc.)

✔ Set Priority Levels for appointments (Normal or High).

✔ Create Repeat Appointments for on-going events like Classes or Workshops.

✔ Connect Appointments to your Contacts. Appointment Details automatically get pushed to the Contact's History folder.

✔ Connect the Location of your Appointment. One-click "Map It" feature opens Google Maps to give you automatic driving directions, walking directions, subway directions and more!

✔ Easy one-click access to log any Expenses associated with the Appointment.

✔ The "Notes" area allows you to enter UNLIMITED Notes for the Appointment.