Add a PerformerTrack Icon on
Your Android Device's Home Screen

A Bookmark Icon is a one-tap shortcut from your Home Screen to PerformerTrack. 

Adding the PerformerTrack Bookmark Icon to your Home Screen is easy! Grab a hold of your Android device and do the following:

STEP 1) Open the Chrome Browser on your device

STEP 2) Go to PerformerTrack's Login Screen located here:

STEP 3) Now, tap the Settings menu

STEP 4) Then tap "Add to Home Screen" 


STEP 5) In the next window, just tap the Add button and you're done! The PerformerTrack icon will be added to your Android device's Home Screen. Tapping this icon will launch Chrome and take you directly to the PerformerTrack Member Login Screen. This is much faster than using a bookmark!